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Featured topic: Traffic

RUBIN Featured topic: Traffic

Lufthansa flight schedule from 1936

RUB historian Lutz Budrass spent many years researching into the history of Lufthansa; he had been commissioned by the corporation, which however did not greenlight the results being published. Certain details of the past were just too grim. And yet, the current enterprise policy is very much rooted in its history.

Car dealers struggle with the image of the “shady salesman”. More often than not, they are paid a low salary and have to have to top it up through commissions. Rather than that kind of economic pressure, their motivation should be loyalty and customer satisfaction.

There’s a lot one can learn about the human psyche at a car dealer’s. This is where the allegedly shady dealer meets the self-proclaimed tough bargainer. Researchers at the Sales & Marketing Department analyse the sales talks and help the industry to work in a more efficient manner.

One of Bochum’s emergency vehicles

Where and when should emergency ambulances be positioned within a city to ensure that all locations across the urban area will be reached in good time? Economists are helping to solve this complicated question with IT-based decision support.

A poster by the “Compagnie Generale Transatlantique” from 1901. It advertises the route Algiers – Marseille, which can be travelled within a mere 24 hours. Since the 1930s, it takes ferries approx. 20 hours to cross the sea.

Following the European colonisation of North Africa and Asia Minor, the Mediterranean shores and islands became more closely connected than ever before through steamships, railways and telegraph wires. However, that did not result in the desired peace between Orient and Occident.

In order to make the shotcrete more robust, RUB engineers add steel fibres into the mixture.

Conflagrations and terrorist attacks are a threat for tunnels and bridges. Created at RUB, a new type of shotcrete may render the structures more robust. Despite its high steel and synthetic-fibre contents, it can be sprayed on easily. It used to be considered impossible to manufacture.

RUB engineers research into the security of tunnels.

Mathematical models can help to determine the security level of tunnels. For instance, with simulations how fast a tunnel can be evacuated. Together with psychologists from Würzburg, RUB engineers investigate how people behave in case of emergencies in tunnels. Based on these data, they develop new evacuation models.

Dr Rüdiger Hossiep

Why do people buy what kind of car and what does that say about them? Psychologist Dr Rüdiger Hossiep could talk about this topic at length.

Following the fatigue test in the lab, RUB engineers removed pieces from the concrete sample body. One of the reinforcing bars broke due to stress.

There are approx. 120,000 bridges in Germany, but they were not built for eternity. They are affected by traffic and by environmental stress. To what extent is being calculated by RUB engineers, who use specifically developed models for that purpose. Their vision is an intelligent bridge that would in future be monitoring itself.

The amount of traffic jams on German motorways increases every year.

People who often use the motorway are prepared to get stuck in traffic jams every now and then. Some routes are known to have unpredictable travel times. In the next Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan, this unreliability will be factored in the assessment of investment projects. RUB engineers have contributed to the development of a calculation model.

Prof Dr Justin Geistefeldt

North Rhine-Westphalia is Germany’s traffic-jam capital. However, it does not have to be, says Prof Dr Justin Geistefeldt from the s. Many traffic jams could be avoided, provided the appropriate measures were taken.